Creating Neurodivergent-Affirming Environments

A low cost training open to anyone who wants to learn more

Price: £5

Length: 1 hour

27th June 2022


Study Group


  • Learn how to create accessible and inclusive environments for neurodivergent children and adults.

  • Everyday ableism creates accessibility barriers and discrimination in school and the workplace.

  • The features of Neurodivergent-affirming environments.

  • Advocating for disability needs, environment accommodations and adjustments.

Ableism is discrimination in favour of non-disabled people and exists in all parts of society, at all levels, from healthcare settings to education to the workplace. Ableist systems, policies and attitudes result in unsupportive, inaccessible, and even, hostile environments. Unaccommodating environments are too often a reason why Neurodivergent students cannot attend education. Discriminatory interview practices can result in Neurodivergent people not getting the job they are well qualified to do.

Non-disabled people, those in the Neuromajority, often do not see the oppression and inaccessibility created by ableism. In this talk, everyday examples of ableism will be discussed to draw attention to this serious societal problem.

Some of the key features of Neurodivergent-affirming education and workplace environments will be described. Practical advice for supporting a child or adult to advocate for their disability needs will be provided. Universal Design creates access and equity for all. That's only fair!