Emotional Safety

Price: £40

Length: 1 hour

Upcoming training date:

21st September 2022

3:30-4:30pm UK time

Recording available for £20 - send us a message


  • Understand factors that contribute to stress, distress, dysregulation in the Neurodivergent student

  • Understand factors that contribute to a student's sense of safety and regulation


  • How to build emotionally safe and validating relationships and environments

Includes Q&A

An older man facing a young person smiling and laughing

         CPD Certificate will be available

Without emotional safety, there is no space for a child or young person to grow and develop skills. Safety is central to all other learning. 

Historically, Neurodivergent students and Autistic children / young people / adults have been exposed to therapies that seek to control behaviour, often with the aim of helping the individual get ready to 'live in the real world.' Consequently, the individual experiences distress and/or frustration through this invalidation of their experiences where their needs are not met and their distress is not understood or, unfortunately, is accepted as an inherent part of their neurodivergence.  Through these experiences, Neurodivergent and Autistic individuals can be conditioned to believe that what they think, feel, and act is wrong and that their needs are not prioritised. This sets the individual up for longer term problems with emotional wellbeing. 

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