Honouring Autistic Communication

In Speech and Language Therapy Practice

Price: £80

Length: 2.5 hours

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Two children sat down with their hands on a box of multi-coloured chalks


  • Review of contemporary evidence base that informs Neurodivergent-affirming SLT practice with children and young people​. Explore how flawed, outdated theories e.g., Theory of Mind, Central Coherence, do not reflect Autistic cognition

  • Autistic Communication Characteristics, Interaction Styles


  • Problems with standardised assessments in identifying how to empower Autistic students' communication


  • Strategies & supports which honour Autistic communication and interaction styles


  • Supporting attention and processing differences

Includes 30 minutes of Q&A


Recording available

CPD Certificate will be available

The first in a new series of training on Neurodivergent-affirming practices to support Autistic children & young people. Based on lived experience and contemporary research, learn how and why SLTs can embrace a Neurodivergent-affirming model of Speech and Language Therapy. 

The dominant model of Speech and Language Therapy for Autistic children and young people is to reduce their inherent social communication attributes through encouraging eye contact, teaching conversation scripting and other neuronormative social skills. The evidence base is not proven for using these psychosocial interventions, despite these being often the most common supports offered. With the growing evidence base highlighting the harms of teaching Autistic children and young people to mask or camouflage their authentic selves, we aim to help SLTs embrace a new affirming model of support which nurtures Autistic communication skills. 

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