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Our Mission

To support Neurodivergent people through non-behavioural based, trauma-informed practices

To help professionals transform their practice through The Neurodiversity Paradigm

To champion Neurodivergent people

To flip the narrative about neurodivergence

Centring Neurodivergent voices to transform practice

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Who we are

Who we are

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Elaine McGreevy (she/her)

Speech and Language Therapist

Elaine has worked as a Speech and Language Therapist for 26 years, and has been a Lead Clinician since 2001. Elaine has been involved in setting up and developing Speech and Language Therapy services for Autistic children and young people. Elaine offers pro-neurodiversity Speech and Language Therapy through non-behavioural based, empathic approaches. Elaine wants to contribute to making a change in how society accepts and supports Neurodivergent people, especially Autistic children and young people.

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Emily Price (she/her)

Speech and Language Therapist

  • "Autistic SLT"

  • Founder of

  • Professional speaker, trainer, autistic advocate

  • Based in Greater Manchester, England

Emily is a proudly Autistic Speech and Language Therapist who supports Autistic children, young people, and adults. Emily does not provide behaviourist social skill interventions which are based on outdated research claiming that Autistic children have social impairments. Through her lived experience, Emily campaigns for radical changes in therapy practices that encourage Autistic people to embrace their stimming, interests, and authentic communication.

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